Sales sells the first, Service sells the second


While this is obviously not strictly true the sentiment is dead on and often quoted in our business. 


Getting Service right is critical for retaining customers and being a profitable dealer.

Strategic Evolutions approaches the service business in a similar way to sales, defining a marketing plan to guide the operation and determining performance standards.  

We focus on customer relationships, ensuring customers are satisfied with their equipment and that it performs at it's best.  Service products such as Lube service, MARCs (Maintenance and Repair Contracts), labour agreements, Inspections and diagnostics are all part of the marketing mix.  Each customer requires a different product from your service team. 

We also help you understand what your service opportunity is, what share you're gaining and sizing your department to meet your customer's needs.  

With a clear understanding of the market and need for service we can provide training for your department.  




Service management, financials and metrics help you understand how well the service department is performing but improving performance takes more than showing numbers and setting targets. Team members should be taught what each means, how to effect it and how one measure effects another measure.  

Service managers and Supervisors play a key role, like a quarterback, they determine how each play will go. They need to know more than technical information on the product - rather how to execute each service event from start to finish, managing customer expectations and stress levels and optimizing the resources they have to manage costs. 



Systems and Technology

Strategic Evolutions has extensive experience in supporting the execution of service maximizing the usage of existing service systems or filling the gaps with easy to implement technologies. Systems help you execute more consistently, track progress and expedite billing, all of which improve customer satisfaction.  


Let us help you improve

Let Strategic Evolutions help you create a leading service department that satisfies customers, keeps them coming back and contributes positively to your bottom line. 

Marketing Analysis

Developing Service Products

Setting Rates and Costs

Efficiency and Productivity

Creating and Executing Contracts

Shop and Field Operations

Service Tools and Technology

Quality Service Delivery

Achieving Customer Satisfaction